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Projecting legacy income and donor numbers to aid financial planning and risk management.

In today’s volatile legacy market, the need for objective, informed forecasts is greater than ever. Critically important for strategic development and budget setting, our legacy forecasts are now an integral feature of many charities’ annual planning and review process.


Emerging Charity Forecasting

Get started and get ahead with our help.

If you are a charity that is new to legacies or at the beginning of your legacy journey, we can help you forecast your legacy income and understand your legacy potential.

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Medium-Term Forecasting

Looking ahead to help you know more and plan for the future

Projecting your legacy gifts and income to aid financial planning and risk managment


Marketing Evaluation

Strategic planning for the bigger picture

Drawing on our strategic planning skills and sector knowledge to provide a long-term perspective on your legacy potential.

We found the report - and meeting to discuss it - exceptionally helpful. As a charity relatively new on our legacy journey we don’t normally have access to this amount of cross-sector/market data; and together with the forecasting scenarios and advice on how to optimise our legacy income, this will really help make the case for further investment in our legacy programme. Director of Fundraising, Dementia UK