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Christian Aid is in a challenging market. With traditional Christian audiences in decline and public trust of aid organisations damaged, the charity developed a significant new strategy and brand position. Legacy Voice was commissioned to develop a new gifts in Wills proposition to take to market.


Insight showed that life-long Christian Aid supporters give as an expression of their values. A gift in their Will is another expression of the values that make them who they are.

Donors also said that the scale of global poverty can make them feel powerless to make it better. It was important we empathised with this view whilst demonstrating the impact of Christian Aid’s work, the urgency of the problem and the importance of their contribution.


Our proposition made the Will the hero, as well as the donor, where the Will becomes a powerful tool to tackle poverty, empowering the donor to do something important and to express their values even after their death.  

We developed two propositions which were tested in an online campaign. We then rolled out the best performing route in 2020.