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As a relatively new charity (founded 1998) little had been done in the past to promote legacy giving to Claire House. However, legacies were being received reactively and the charity had the supporters, the internal willingness and the resources to begin to promote legacies in a more active way – they just needed the right messaging.


It’s all in the personal connection of donors to the hospice. 69% of those with a personal experience of Claire House were open to leaving a gift in their Will to a charity. And of those, 96% were considering leaving a gift to Claire House.

The key reasons behind these levels of positivity were a connection to the cause, in particular that it involved children, and knowing a family member or friend who had experienced their amazing work.


Four propositions were developed: Every Moment, Always There, Share Claire’s Legacy and The Merseyside Family. In testing, people were drawn principally to Always There because they were drawn to the positivity of the message and saw themselves reflected in the image of the supporter.

Since launching their campaign using the new proposition, the number of annual legacy pledges has doubled.