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For any charity, taking an in-memory programme to the next level is a complex operation that requires vision, commitment, resource, and a very clear idea of the wants and needs of supporters. How much more so, when the whole vision of your charity is a better end of life experience for all?


In 2022, the Legacy Team at Marie Curie, with the strategic support of Legacy Voice, began the process of ‘doing in-memory properly’. Their ultimate aim was to make Marie Curie best in class in this space. What did this journey look like, where did it take them, and where are they now?

In this reflective and informative session, Abbie Barton (Senior Legacy and In-Memory Manager at Marie Curie); and Kate Jenkinson (Senior In-Memory Consultant at Legacy Voice); will describe the key stages that were involved in developing a new in-memory programme for a major charity in this dynamic and demanding area.

They’ll share how they saw Marie Curie’s opportunity at the outset, and their starting position in the crowded, in-memory health space. They’ll describe some of the key challenges they faced to shift perceptions around this area of fundraising and grow internal engagement at Marie Curie, using different messages and assets to bring internal teams along with them. They’ll reflect on some of the highlights of the process, including some surprise outcomes and light bulb moments from their research conversations with in-memory supporters.

Finally, they’ll summarise their learnings that formed the bedrock of Marie Curie’s new in-memory strategy. What were their priorities and which areas did they resolve to tackle first? What did they find most helpful, and what were the biggest hurdles they had to overcome? What have the outcomes been since then, and where do they plan to go next?

Speakers: Kate Jenkinson, Abbie Barton (Marie Curie)