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Calling all legacy fundraisers!

Fundraising Everywhere are hosting a celebration of everything legacy fundraising, bringing together a mix of global experts from the UK and around the world to help you grow your gifts in wills and in-memory income.

If you’re an early-stage legacy fundraiser that wants to learn how to grow your programme or a seasoned professional that wants to innovate in a rapidly changing world, this one is for you.

The future for legacy giving is bright with legacy income forecast to more than double in real terms by 2050. And no longer just to the benefit of the really big charities; legacy giving is growing at the grassroots, with thousands of small and local causes receiving legacy gifts for the first time.

Is your charity ready?

Book your place today and join three of our Legacy Link experts in February for a legacy conference that will inspire.

For questions about the conference, please contact fundraising everywhere

Come along and hear from some of our experts:

Ashley Rowthorn

The Future of Legacy Fundraising
Speaker: Ashley Rowthorn, Legacy Futures
Legacy giving is growing around the world. By the middle of this century, gifts in wills will double in the UK and triple in Australia. The much talked about baby boomer generation will lead to a global legacy boom. But as we move through this century, the shape, face and behaviour of the legacy donor will change rapidly as will society at large. Are you prepared for the growth that is coming, and do you properly understand the new generation of legacy donors and how to engage them on their terms?

Doug Clow

How to Track and Forecast Your Legacy Income
Speaker: Doug Clow, Legacy Foresight
What do you need to do to track and forecast your income from legacies? Gifts in wills can be a huge part of voluntary income, but they work very differently to other fundraising. This session will explore what charities need to keep an eye on to track their legacy income in the short, medium and long term – and what they can do to forecast it. Doug is Head of Analysis at Legacy Foresight, and will be bringing advice from their long track record of helping charities benchmark and forecast their legacy income.