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Duane has almost 20 years of experience working in legacy administration, most notably at the British Red Cross and then managing the Legacy Administration Team at Marie Curie.

He grew the team at Marie Curie from just two people in 2015 to a team of seven by 2023 having seen legacy income grow from £27m to £44m in that time. He has introduced KPIs, including the importance of recognising and recording added value, and developed a process manual to ensure consistency across the team as it become more home-based after lockdown.

Duane has a strong knowledge of legacy administration, including a wealth of experience in Scotland and Northern Ireland. He has handled a range of legacy cases including pecuniary, residuary, reversionary and contentious matters,

Duane is an advocate for raising awareness and the profile of legacy administration having been invited to speak at several conferences including Wilmington’s Excellence in Administration a number of times and the CIOF’s Scottish Fundraising Conference in 2023.

He is passionate about the role that stewardship plays within legacy administration, particularly the importance of building relationships with personal executors and solicitors.

When not working, Duane sings with a local choir which performs in Sussex and Surrey. As well as filling local theatres in their own right, the choir recently had the opportunity to perform with Gareth Malone.

Legacy Consultant