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Lesley dipped her toes in the legal waters as a legal secretary, diving headfirst into the intricate world of law.  It was here she discovered her passion for the legal field and decided to pursue it further.

in 1998 she embarked on a journey of knowledge and growth earning my degree in law along with an Associate qualification from the National Association of Licensed Paralegals.   This laid the foundation for her career and fueled her ambition to excel in the legal arena.     Later, in pursuit of honing her expertise she obtained Principal Fellow (PF.NALP) with a Licence to Practice in Criminal Law.       She is passionate about continuous learning and professional development.    In 2002 she seized the opportunity to further expand my expertise by attending Cardiff University where she became an Accredited Police Station Representative.   This role allowed her to provide crucial advice and support to individuals facing legal issues, cementing her commitment to serving others at their time of need.   Looking ahead she is excited to continue her journey of growth and discovery in the Legacy Administration sector, pursuing further qualifications, taking on new challenges and making meaningful contributions to her community.

Legacy Consultant