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Marcia Prince immigrated from the US to the UK in 1988.  She attended the College of Law, London, qualifying as a solicitor working in probate and Family Law.

Marcia has been working in the charity sector since 2001, leading legacy administration and legacy marketing teams for National Trust, then the legacy administration team at Salvation Army. Over the years she has gained experience with a wide range of legacies including property (overage provisions, tenancies, development and covenants), foreign assets and unusual assets.

Marcia has presented at various conferences and contributed to articles for various publications. As part of the Institute of Legacy Management Good Practice Working Group, Marcia authored the Good Practice Guidance on Income Forecasting and Accruals.  She also wrote part of the ILM training material for Ethics in Legacies. Marcia is passionate about “doing the right thing” while doing the best for her charity and works hard to build good relationships to protect the reputation of the charity.

As well as legacy administration experience, Marcia has overseen an implementation and two upgrades for First Class and gained experience in charity management/governance, working with Senior Leaders in her charities on a variety of issues.

In her spare time, Marcia enjoys reading, walking, theatre and watching rugby. She is also a member of Chippenham Lions Club.

Legacy Consultant and Solicitor