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In 2022 Matt secured a part-time Legacy Manager role at BHF and so decided to fill the time he had available in the working week by joining Legacy Link, with the aim of helping as many charities as possible and supporting a wide range of causes.

Matt discovered the world of legacies completely by chance whilst travelling Australia in 2017. Placed with a charity in Sydney by a recruitment agency, after a number of differing working experiences in various industries, Matt had finally found his calling. As a result, what had originally been intended to be a short four-week contract ended up leading to several contract extensions and the offer of full sponsorship to remain in Australia indefinitely.

Despite the tempting offer, Matt returned to the UK in 2018 and decided to pursue a career as a legacy professional in his home city of London, securing a role at the British Heart Foundation as a Legacy Officer. During that time he generated over £800,000 in added value on his files, including contentious cases and complex land development matters.

Matt Philcox

Legacy Consultant