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Over the past year an earthquake has rocked the in-memory landscape. The global coronavirus pandemic has shaken our culture and communities to the core. The immediate impact on all aspects of charity fundraising has been huge – perhaps none more so than in-memory.

Here we unpack six key themes for the post-pandemic landscape using our well founded, cross disciplinary approach involving several stages of research; including desk research, expert interviews, a survey of member charities, an on-line survey of adults bereaved during the pandemic and depth interviews with some of these adults. We are grateful to our learning circle members for agreeing to share this information more widely.

Human, personal contact will be key in the post-pandemic landscape. The importance of personal warmth and comfort – so badly missed – is unlikely to be forgotten. In-Memory Insight. Adapting to the in-memory landscape after the pandemic

In this report you will learn

  • What will remembrance look like?
  • Values you must hold close
  • New methods to adopt