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The act of giving in memory can be helpful to the bereaved as well as the charity; providing focus or diversion, giving something positive to think about, and encouraging mutual support between family and friends.

The motivation to give is intimately connected to the deceased, and charities must always respect this when communicating with in-memory donors. We hope that this evidence will help make the case for greater, more thoughtful investment in in-memory fundraising throughout the sector. We are grateful to our learning circle members for agreeing to share this information more widely.

But there is also now hard evidence to show that an in-memory relationship with a charity may also lay the foundation for a legacy gift. In- Memory Insight. Exploring the links between in-memory and legacy giving

In this report you will learn

  • The scale of in-memory motivated legacy giving
  • How in-memory legacy donors feel about their gift
  • Mapping the in-memory legacy journey