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There’s no doubt UK society will see some fundamental shifts over the next two decades, including many people living well into their 90s, more child-free donors and a huge transfer of wealth as the baby boomer generation dies out.

Given current trends, we predict that legacy and in-memory incomes will double by 2045. Since our first project in 1994 we have worked with over 200 charities, including the top 20 UK fundraising brands and a growing number of international clients. In this report we reflect on where things have been and look ahead to where and when we beliweve growth will occur and how you can start planning for the nright future ahead for legacy giving.

Legacy Foresight give the sector more insight and credibility. They are experts who travel alongside you as you make your way in the legacy world. Stephen George Fundraising and Leadership Expert

In this report you will learn

  • Where the sector is currently.
  • We share sector perspectives from 5 different donors.
  • We give you our top 10 predictions for legacy and in-memory giving.
  • From a panel of experts how fundraisers should be approaching the legacy and in-memory markets.