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Over recent years we have seen growing interest in using digital and social media to raise awareness of legacy giving, acquire and steward legacy donors.

The digital space is accessible to charities of all sizes, offering amazing tools for reaching new audiences, telling stories and stimulating conversations. In a fastchanging environment, we have seen innovations across the legacy sector, with teams re-imagining their physical activity in a virtual world.

There’s no doubt that digital legacy fundraising is here to stay. According to our latest learning circle survey, digital activities now account for one fifth of legacy fundraising budgets and 1 hour in every 6 spent by the team.

All our members expect to see more resource invested in digital legacy fundraising over the next five years; 60% expect to see a lot more.

Social media can help to raise awareness, normalise behaviour, prompt legacy prospects to act, and inspire entirely new gifts. Legacy Foresight. Legacy Fundraising 2.0

In this report you will learn

  • How we can best use digital and social media to inspire and inform legacy donors.
  • How we can build, deepen and enrich relationships with our supporters online, to increase the likelihood of a legacy gift.
  • How we can continue to innovate in an ever-evolving digital ecosystem.