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This research set out to explore two big questions. What’s the future potential for legacy and in-memory giving from minority faith groups? And how can fundraisers engage sensitively and effectively with these donors?

Legacy and in-memory motivated giving are significant sources of income for British charities, generating over £5bn a year for good causes. As fundraisers, many of our assumptions, strategies and messages have an implicitly Christian focus, and are founded in English law.

However, today’s society is very multi-cultural, and it’s set to become more so. Currently 8% of the UK population is from minority faith groups; this percentage is projected to double to 16% by 2050.

Legacies and in-memory are immersed forms of giving, based on deep trust and emotional connection – they don’t materialise overnight. To be resonant, you will need to forge other connections first. Legacy Foresight. Legacy and in-memory fundraising in multicultural Britain Research Briefing

In this report you will learn

  • About giving by Muslims in the UK
  • About giving by Hindus in the UK
  • About giving by Sikhs in the UK
  • About giving by Jews in the UK
  • Opportunities for fundraisers
  • Six rules of engagement