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In 2019/20 our research aimed to explore in-memory stewardship from both the charity and the supporter perspective, and to inform our understanding of what constitutes effective stewardship in this area.

This project contributed further to the foundation of In-Memory Insight research (2011–2019), touching on the subject of stewardship from various angles. It also built on the approach and findings of Legacy Foresight’s Understanding Legacy Stewardship project in winter 2018, funded by a consortium of leading legacy charities. This briefing paper gives a synopsis of the key learnings from the supporter research element of the project.

We were reminded that in-memory giving is never a one-way street. Supporters appreciate the experience, the outlet, the reward it gives them and its role in helping them remember. Legacy Foresight, Understanding In-Memory Stewardship

In this report you will learn

  • Ten key learnings from in-memory supporters
  • Motivations to give
  • Affirming donors is key
  • Good and effective communication is a must