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In today’s ever more crowded legacy sector there is a growing emphasis on ‘stewarding’ legacy pledgers and prospects, as a way of converting, retaining and growing the value of bequests from known supporters.

But the tactics used and the underlying objectives vary significantly from one charity to another. And with such a long lag between communications and outcome, evidence on the impact and effectiveness of stewardship activity is inevitably limited. This project was funded by a consortium of 29 leading charities. With their collaboration we can share with you our top 10 findings in more detail.

Cutting through the ‘noise’ to target this wider group with personalised, compelling communications is a major challenge, but also a significant opportunity Legacy Foresight, Understanding Legacy Stewardship March 2019

In this report you will learn

  • How to engage
  • The threats and opportunities for good stewardship
  • Understanding your pledger is key