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Legacy Monitor Netherlands is our first international benchmarking programme.

In operation since 2015, we work with a group of leading charities – 26 at present – to analyse and research Dutch legacy giving. Run in partnership with Dutch legacy expert Arjen van Ketel.

Legacy Monitor Netherlands aims to :

  • Analyse trends in Dutch legacy income, by charity type
  • Track the economic, legal and social drivers of legacy giving
  • Research into legator attitudes and behaviour
  • Forecast future legacy incomes
  • Benchmark the performance of individual charities
  • Facilitate the sharing of market knowledge
Legacy Futures Team

Tracking, researching and debating the Dutch legacy sector.

Our research has uncovered much potential for Dutch legacy giving, particularly if charities collaborate and invest in new initiatives. Arjen van Ketel Legacy Monitor Netherlands

As in the UK, gifts in wills are a significant source of funds for major Dutch charities.

In 2020, the 100 largest legacy charities received €340m in legacy income; representing 32% of their fundraising income and 12% of total income.

Our donor research shows that the number of Dutch people open to the idea of writing a charitable will is very low compared to the UK – just 4% had written a charitable will and another 13% would consider doing so in the future. However our studies have uncovered much potential for Dutch legacy giving, particularly if charities choose to collaborate in initiatives such as awareness-raising campaigns and free will schemes.

Legacy Monitor Nederland

Find out more about joining our consortium benchmarking project in 2024.

How it works

Legacy Monitor Netherlands covers three main elements: the outlook for the Dutch legacy sector; Dutch peoples’ behaviour and attitudes to will-making and charitable legacies; and Consortium members’ legacy performance and marketing activities. As in the UK, we produce an annual analysis of the Dutch legacy sector, drawing on market data from the Central Bureau on Fundraising (CBF) and detailed performance benchmarks from our member charities. To raise understanding of donor behaviour and attitudes, we also commission original consumer research, working with specialist local suppliers.

Each charity receives:

  • A group presentation and discussion
  • An annual benchmarking data set
  • A set of presentation slides
  • A summary report for senior management


Want to know more?

Legacy Monitor Netherlands operates on an annual cycle, February - September. New members are invited to join each autumn. If you would like to know more about the programme, contact Legacy Monitor Netherlands team arjen@arjenvanketel.nl, or lena.vizy@legacyfutures.com for more information.

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