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A new Legacy Futures service

For charities who need a long-term growth strategy with an investment and activity plan that turns it into action.

  • You might be experiencing long term decline and need help to turn it around.

  • Or you’re rapidly growing, and you now need a strategy to maximise your future growth.

  • Or you just need to align the organisation to a new strategy, and you need an outside voice.

Whatever your strategic challenge, the Legacy Futures Growth Strategy service might just be for you.

We bring together expertise from across our teams, with services built over many years that we’ve now brought together for large and extra large charities, who need external help in shaping their long-term legacy strategy. To help you maximise your income over the years ahead, and to engage your charity leadership in the process so that your strategy has their full backing and is built to succeed.

If your charity is new to legacy giving then we’ve a specific approach for you, called our Legacy StartUp service.


Growth Strategy – Scope case study

We helped Scope who urgently needed to reverse 20 years of legacy decline.


Strategic direction: A long term, evidence-based road map for growth, that will reap benefits over many years, built on insights from your Market, Supporters and Organisation.

Support for your investment bid: We are happy to contribute to your annual investment plans.

Leadership buy-in: A long term legacy strategy will stand or fall on the support of your charity’s leadership team. At every step, we help to engage with your CEO, leadership team and Trustees. And from the outset, we will agree with you an Executive leader who will champion the project through to strategy sign off and its delivery over the coming years.

Inspired colleagues actively promoting legacy: We involve key audience gatekeepers so that they are part of the solution, especially those connected to supporters, beneficiaries, families.

Peace of mind from a trusted partner: It can be a lonely place when you’re responsible for the legacy strategy in your charity. And whilst your colleagues are supportive, they don’t necessarily understand the complexities of legacy fundraising. We are there every step of the way, with our expertise, our market-wide perspective, and a smile of encouragement.

The team at Legacy Futures were great to work with. Right from the start, they viewed our relationship as strategic partners rather than the usual agency relationship. They brought strategic direction based on superior audience insight gained over many years. And understood the needs of our senior leadership to build trust and buy-in for our long term growth strategy. Barry Hunt, Head of Legacy, UCL (formerly Head of Legacy, Scope and our project lead)

Richard Hill

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