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We use insights to gain a deep understanding of what supporters want.

The best journeys are those that are grounded in a deep understanding of people’s motivations, needs and wants. We can work with you to develop journeys, grounded in those understandings, that can encourage people to move from interest to action, and from action to retaining an organisation in their Will for the long-term.

With only around half of those people who say they’ve included a gift to charity in their Wills going on to give, investing in effective stewardship and robust supporter journeys to build long-term relationships has never been more important. We use insights to gain a deep understanding of what supporters want from their relationships with organisations, before working collaboratively with fundraising teams to develop journeys for supporters at all stages of their relationships with a charity. These journeys are then tested back with supporters to ensure that they will be as effective as possible.


Scope Case Study

Read about how we helped Scope consolidate and improve their supporter journeys.

“The team at Legacy Futures were great to work with. Right from the start, they viewed our relationship as strategic partners rather than the usual agency relationship. They brought strategic direction based on superior audience insight gained over many years. And understood the needs of our senior leadership to build trust and buy-in for our long term growth strategy.” Barry Hunt, Head of Legacy, UCL (formerly Head of Legacy, Scope and our project lead)

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